Saturday, 31 October 2015

Photo Dump!

Seeing as I have been a super slack blogger about all the good, bad and the ugly things that go with being new parents, I figure I may as well reward you with a good old photo dump! You're welcome!

Mikkel thinks he's playing the flute..
I haven't the heart to tell him..
it's a bone.

While the baby sleeps..

An autumny day out..

and smile!

and stare.


Babies in jeans.
& the bulldog jumper that we bought over 3 years ago.

Mikkel be like..
"maaaaaaaa! what ya doin'?"

Apparently, he doesn't want to be a pilot.

Mikkel wishing this toy was his.

and smile.

Why so serious, boys?!

Cruising with ma!

and again.. babies in jeans!

"Ma! that tickles!"

Strike a pose!

Julius thinks Mikkel is all the hilarious!

My boy, so pretty with his posing.

what a darling!

Mikkel says give us a wave!

Just my little family hanging on the couch..

And lastly..
our very first family portrait!

These aren't the words you're looking for..
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